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    EcoStruxure™ for Mining Operations and Supply Chain

    Digital mining operations allow you to centralise and integrate business, sustainability, energy, maintenance and mine management software to achieve a highly optimised value chain.

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    Connect your enterprise to tomorrow’s IoT economy

    EcoStruxure™ for buildings, data centres, industry and grid.

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    Maintenance & Asset Management

    Maintenance costs are a significant portion of mining operations costs, and can take up nearly half of the budget. Typically, over 60% of the total mine workforce is dedicated to focus on servicing or repairing complex assets in the field.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Millions of dollars are lost each year due to preventable unplanned downtime and equipment failures.
    From condition monitoring to advanced machine learning, and modelling solutions that identify subtle changes in system behaviour, our solutions identify the early warning signs that can lead to diminished equipment performance and unplanned failures.

    > Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs
    > Identify underperforming assets
    > Reduce unscheduled downtime
    > Prevent equipment failure

    Unified Operations & Supply Chain

    Optimizing each state in the mining process separately without considering the entire system can often mean losing out on energy saving opportunities.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    Making real-time decisions based on information that is spread across various databases, applications and spreadsheets can be very challenging. But with our production management solution you can consolidate and manage data from multiple mines, plants and business systems in order to make better informed decisions.

    The production management system works hand in hand with our pit-to-port unified solution for planning and scheduling. This tool takes into account the mined materials, processing, supply chain capabilities and costs to deliver an optimal plan that maximises profit.

    > Identify production issues
    > Manage inventory and quality
    > Track production and asset performance
    > Understand production costs
    > Analyse business KPIs
    > Sets targets for detailed scheduling, focusing on long-term efficiency instead of short-term gains
    > Quickly see how closely the schedule is being followed and adapt planning if necessary

    Remote/Central Control Operations

    Perhaps the most important aspect of automated mining systems is the opportunity to centralise monitoring into one physical location for all processes across the operation.

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    Solutions & Benefits

    A Remote Operations Centre lets you centralise many of the monitoring and control functions for multiple remote operations in a single physical location. Schneider Electric can provide a wide range of solutions that covers your needs and requirements when establishing a remote operations centre. Solutions include IT infrastructure, collaboration platforms, and technologies for data collection, aggregation and analytics.

    > Improve collaboration between sites and plants > Leverage remote monitoring and diagnostics to optimise processes
    > Increase asset efficiency through remote analytics  > Achieve visibility from resource to market and optimise the entire supply chain

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