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Smart airports' challenges

Operational efficiency

The steeply increasing number of passengers is driving airports to improve their operational efficiency and co-ordinate decisions through integrated operations systems.

Airport facility uptime

Maximising uptime is key for Airports and is possible through streamlined processes, optimised facility and energy management, and smart IT infrastructure.

Best traveller experience

Airports operations have become passenger centric, hence aim at providing a smooth traveller experience from parking, check-in, baggage handling all the way to boarding.

Reduce carbon footprint

Reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 is a true challenge for airports and lead them to keep sustainability at the core of their modernisation.
Improve operational efficiency
Central operations for co-ordinated and fast operational decisions.
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Unified Operations Centre

Empower your digital airport operator with an integrated operations system for enhanced decision-making, more efficient operations and no information silos.

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Workflow management

Manage, enforce and document your processes electronically with advanced Workflow Management software, allowing you to drive higher levels of productivity and collaboration.

Facility and energy management in smart airports
Maximise airport facility uptime and prevent million in revenue losses by adopting high performance building technologies and practices, combined with intelligent services offerings, which enable reduced energy consumption and operating costs, while ensuring best traveller experience.
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Airport energy and terminal building management

Digitise and simplify electrical distribution in an airport for reliable, safe and efficient operations, while enhancing the passenger experience by offering greater airport building comfort, safety, availability and efficiency.

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Smart IT infrastructure and end-to-end cybersecurity

Offer power availability, enhance visibility and predictivity of IT assets in the airport. Protect your airport business, passengers, employees and critical operations with a comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity approach.

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EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor


EcoStruxure IT Expert


EcoStruxure™ Power Operation


EcoStruxure™ Building Operation Software

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Streamline and optimise processes
Ensure a just-in-time and smooth customer journey from check-in to boarding in smart airports.
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Baggage handling management

Increase baggage throughput with an integrated solution that connects and automates processes.

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Passenger boarding bridges

Boost boarding efficiency, convenience and safety to ensure just-in-time processes.

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EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor


PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers

SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Build sustainable smart airports
Develop greener operational solutions to progress towards carbon neutrality and build sustainable airports.
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Airports turn to microgrids for sustainability

How can airports achieve their goals of carbon neutrality and net-zero by 2050? A top solution is by integrating microgrids into their green energy plan.
With the rise in the number of air passengers, we can see upward growth in the carbon footprint of airports all over the world. In order to achieve sustainability, airports need green operational solutions as well as build sustainable airports. An airport sustainability plan lays out concrete steps that need execution in order to achieve carbon reduction goals. At Schneider Electric, we target some specific operations in an airport that have the potential to become sustainable. We recommission and upgrade the HVAC system which is the biggest consumer of energy in an airport. Another way to execute an airport sustainability plan is by leveraging the benefits of microgrids; these play a crucial role in achieving a sustainable future by providing airports with green and clean power as well as power backup to prevent outages.
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How can you benefit from our smart airport solutions?

Schneider Electric develops best-in-class solutions for the airport industry setting a benchmark for safety and reliability. As a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric helps smart airports create a collaborative digital environment to make the airports more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. To respond to the challenges of smart airports, we offer support in improving and co-ordinating operational efficiency, by optimising operations, and enhancing traveller experience. EcoStruxure for smart airports will prepare your business for the challenges of the future with our solutions for integrated operations systems and energy management. Use our experts' knowledge to make sure that your smart airport is sustainable, safe and comfortable for its passengers.