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    停止することのない製鋼所を作り出すということは、とても大胆なアイデアです。ArcelorMittalは、シュナイダーエレクトリックのEcoStruxure™ Plantを利用して、鋼質を向上させるとともに、24時間365日稼働する環境にやさしい鉄鋼生産を実現しています。

  • ArcelorMittal customer story Ensuring process reliability and steel quality

    By implementing the EcoStruxure™ Plant architecture, including the Ethernet-connected Modicon M580 controller, ArcelorMittal’s Dunkirk plant has achieved greater flexibility of operations. Its staff can now perform maintenance and make changes to the process without having to slow down or halt production.

    The Challenge

    • The steelworks must run 24/7, 365 days a year: Any shut down causes a knock-on effect. When the flow is broken, the furnaces immediately start to cool down and can take 1 to 2 days to get back up to the correct smelting temperatures.

    • European laws compliance: Reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere on-site, as well as emissions to the Dunkirk region.


    The Solution

    Improving the dusting process for better steel quality, process reliability and working condition with EcoStruxure TM Plant
       Apps, Analytics & Services: Modernization services
       Edge Control: Modicon M580 automation system

    • 20 years of partnership and experience in the steel industry have helped Schneider Electric to provide the correct solutions in the right environments.

    • EcoStruxure Plant architecture brings advanced connectivity for a better control of the entire process from the foundry to the management offices.

    • Modicon M580’s CCoF (Change Configuration on the Fly) feature allows maintenance and engineering teams to modify the automation control system without stopping the process.

    • Ethernet connection makes the M580 more flexible, simple to install and easier to control remotely.


    Key Facts:
    • ArcelorMittal’s Dunkirk plant is the largest steel factory in Western Europe.
    • Every year, it manufactures 7 million tons of steel for a host of international customers, including automotive, construction and food and beverage packaging industries.
    • Consistent steel quality is critical to ArcelorMittal – and so is high availability as it can take up to 2 days to get the furnaces back up to their high smelting temperatures after an interruption.

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    • ArcelorMittal’s Dunkirk plant has achieved greater flexibility in its operations. Its staff can now perform maintenance and make changes to the process without having to slow down or halt production.

    • Dust levels are supervised in real time, so steel quality is constant and the working conditions on-site have improved.

    • Thanks to Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled solutions, the Dunkirk steelworks has secured the continuity of manufacturing and increased its overall productivity to deliver strong, reliable steel 24/7, both today and tomorrow.