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    Renova is a complete range of classic style wiring devices with exchangeable frames. The range includes products such as:

    • Socket and luminaire outlets 
    • Switches 
    • Dimmers 
    • Thermostats 
    • Timers 
    • Movement detectors 
    • Indicator lamps 
    • TV, telephone and network outlets 
    • Wallpaper protection 
    • Junction boxes

    Colours and materials

    • Three basic colours in plastic (black, white and white/grey) 
    • Frames in plastic in walnut, marble and metallic finish (photographic technique) 
    • Frames in solid glass with a white or black base

    Renova has a simple and unique system of frames for combination mounting. With only two frames (one end frame and one middle frame) you can create all the combinations you need in a nice and compact way.

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    • A complete range of classic style wiring devices to re-create the atmosphere of former times or to create accents in modern living environments
    • Very easy to create nice and compact combinations thanks to combination frames
    • Three basic colours (black, white and white/grey)
    • Exchangeable frames in glass (white and black) and in walnut, marble and metallic finishes
    • Wallpaper protector is easily mounted without demounting the wiring device
    • Safe and reliable inserts for quick and easy mounting

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    Flush and surface mounting.


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