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PowerChute Network Shutdown

Reliable network-based shutdown of multiple servers.

Industry-leading power protection for your hyperconverged and virtual infrastructure.

APC Brand attēlu etiķete Schneider Electric
PowerChute Network Shutdown schneider.label Reliable network-based shutdown of multiple servers.
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    PowerChute Network Shutdown works in conjunction with the APC UPS Network Management Card to protect your physical and virtual IT environment from threats to IT availability. Network-based, graceful, unattended shutdown of your physical servers and virtual machines protects data integrity and reduces system downtime when critical events such as extended power outages occur. Its scalable architecture can support a virtually unlimited number of client systems. PowerChute Network Shutdown is easily configurable via a browser interface and supports Single, Redundant and Parallel UPS configurations.

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    • Event logging - Pinpoint the timing and sequence of events leading up to an incident with the event log.


    • Browser Accessible - View the user interface with a browser. Provides quick access from anywhere on a secure network.
    • Network-based shutdown - Reduces cable clutter by eliminating the need to connect the UPS and protected servers via cables.
    • Step-by-step configuration wizard - Speeds deployment by reducing installation and set-up time. Allows configuration changes even after initial set-up.
    • Text-based INI configuration file - Allows for flexibility in archiving configuration settings or copying configured settings from one Agent to another.


    • IPv6 Support - Capable of operating on a network using IPv6 protocol
    • Parallel-UPS configuration support - Recognizes a Parallel-UPS configuration as a single UPS system in the case of actionable events (for UPS devices that are parallel-capable).
    • PowerChute Network Shutdown OS Compatibility - This software supports numerous operating systems and processors. For further information, please
      click here.
    • Redundant-UPS configuration support - Supports up to four UPS’s in a Redundant-UPS configuration. All UPS’s in a Redundant Configuration must belong to the same UPS family.


    • Virtual Cluster Support - Supports virtual machine migration, virtual machine shutdown and host shutdown in Virtual Clusters.
    • Virtual Cluster View - Displays a graphical representation of your Virtual Cluster environment and UPS setup on a single screen to provide an intuitive view of your UPS and Host configuration.
    • VMware vApp Shutdown - Enables shutdown and startup of VMware vApps to control the sequence of virtual machine shutdown/startup.
    • VMware Virtual Appliance - Provides the option to deploy PowerChute as a virtual appliance for ease of installation.


    • Operating System Shutdown - Prevents possible data corruption by performing graceful, unattended operating system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage or computer power problem.
    • Run command file - Run command file on network shutdown sequence as well as start-up sequence.
    • Secure communications - Secured web access via HTTPS, as the default, ensures that communication between the device and the client interfaces cannot be interpreted.
    • Sequenced network shutdown and reboot - Customize network shutdown and reboot sequence of connected servers and UPSs.
    • Sequenced Server Shutdown - Sequences the shutdown of multiple servers powered by the same UPS to extend runtime for higher priority servers.


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