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Exxact™ Surface

Outstanding results, every time.

With both stylish looks and functionality, the Exxact™ Surface switch range fit a wide scope of installations environments and interior designs.

Exxact™ Surface
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    The modern, subtly designed Exxact Surface mounted devices can complement any room in the house, from attic to basement. It covers a wide range of functions and is available in the same high-gloss surface finish and white color as the flush mounted Exxact switch range. 
    -          Switches with single, double and triple rocker
    -          Push-buttons for light and shutter control
    -          Rockers for LED indicator lamps and with symbols
    -          Single and double socket-outlet
    -          Quadruple socket-outlet
    -          Switch and socket-outlet combination
    -          Connection boxes
    -          Marking sign
    -          Cut-out plier and universal leveling tool available as accessory for easy and fast installations

    The stylish surface mounted switch range perfectly fit to the flush-mounted Exxact range.
    Easy to install thanks to various features.
    -          Same insert as on flush Exxact
    -          Wiring diagram visible from the back
    -          Large release buttons
    -          Conical cable entries
    -          Increased space for wiring thanks to rectangular shape of the insert
    -          Robust and reliable fixation between switch insert and bottom plate
    -          LED module and impulse spring can easily be added
    Single socket-outlet
    -          New compact insert with more space for wiring
    -          Increased adjustability thanks to oblong fixation hole
    -          Large release buttons and conical cable entries
    Combination Switch and socket-outlet
    -          New product configuration of switch and socket-outlet as one product for an aesthetic look on the wall
    -          Switch can be removed from the bottom plate for quick and easy wiring
    -          Plenty of space for wiring
    Double and quadruple socket-outlet
    -          Large release buttons and clear markings
    -          Additional fixation holes on the bottom plate for a more reliable hold on the wall
    Connection box
    -          Snap-on cover, easy to mount and remove, no screws visible
    -          Increased adjustability thanks to oblong fixation holes in different directions
    -          Bottom plate is prepared for a strain relief with a standard cable tie

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    Exxact Surface switch range is suitable for all residential applications. In indutrial buildings like warehouses or production halls, Exxact Surface convinces through its easy, fast and simple installation. As surface mounted range it is the ideal choice for renovation and all installations, where a flush-mounted installation is not possible or required.
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