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Unica System+

Flexibility at work and at home

Quick to install, easy to implement, safe and reliable, simple and immediate access to power

Unica System+
  • Funkcijas

    Unica System+ is the perfect solution for transforming offices at home or at work into well-organized workspaces. The New Desk unit solutions promise freedom, connectivity as part of your interior. A variety of well-adapted design lines guarantee the right choice for any style and taste:

    Desk Unit XS:
    • Available in different power combinations: Socket, Socket+USB A, USB A+C and Qi Charger.
    • Prewired unit with 2 meters cable and plug for direct connection to power.
    • As accessory a transparent lid is available to protect sockets from dust and liquids (IP42).
    • Desk XS is available in 2 colors white & black to match your interior.
    Cable Management:
    • Floor feeder to guide cables on the floor - a flexible solution, strechable and prolongable.
    • Self-closing cable wrapable sleeve, to arrange cables on or under the table in an organized manner.
    • Cable clamps, fixed with adhesive tape, for routing small bundles of cables on or under desk.
    • Grommets mounted in 60mm or 80mm diameter holes in the desk, for routing cables through the desk and help make the installation easy.
    • Holesaw to drill a 60mm diameter hole in the desk - suitable to prepare for mounting of Desk Unit XS and cable grommet.



    Desk units – Freedom – Easy and accessible power connectivity :

    • Desk unit XS are prewired for direct power connection and available in white and anthracite.
    • Easy and ergonomic access at arm length.
    • Combination of high power 3,1 A USB type A and type C cover all needs.
    • Desk unit XS version for wireless charging (Qi-certified) with LED and sound signal.
    • Desk unit XS are mounted into a 60mm diameter hole also compatible with 60mm grommets.
    • Quick and toolless fixation of Desk Unit XS - locking ring can be tightened by hand.
    • Efficient 60mm Holesaw is part of the range to guarantee quick installation 
    • Transparent frosted cover as an accessory provides visibility and protection (IP42)

    Cable management - bundle and keep cables in order:

    • Cable grommet to thread cables through the desk.
    • Cable clamp, arrange cables on/under desk.
    • Self-closing cable wrap for fast cable arrangement.
    • Flexible floor feeder, stretchable and prolongable, solid to be stepped on.
    • Floor feeder easy to enter and exit cables along the feeder, providing full cable protection.
    • Floor feeders can be snap-fitted together to extend length.


    Unica System+ solutions are designed for residential and building applications like offices, schools, airports and other public buildings.
    The range provide innovative functions for electrical installations and simple and ergonomic workplace solutions.


    • Desk unit socket with USB A charger
    • Desk unit socket with USB A charger
    • Cable management floor feeder
    • Desk unit XS wireless charger
    • Desk unit XS USB type A and type C charger
    • Desk units in office
    • Unica System+ cable management
    • Unica System+ Desk units
    • Desk unit accessorie transparent lid