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TeSys GV5, GV6

Circuit-breakers, coordinated with TeSys D and TeSys F contactors, to protect motors up to 500 A (250 kW / 400 V)

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*TeSys GV5 & GV6 range of motor circuit breakers are designed for protecting motors from over-load, short circuit faults, phase unbalance or phase-loss.

TeSys GV5, GV6
  • Funkcijas

    TeSys GV5 & GV6 series of motor circuit breakers are specifically designed for the demanding motor control and protection applications.
       ● 4 current ratings: 150A, 220A, 320A & 500A
       ● 2 breaking capacities (Icu): 36kA & 70kA @ 400/415V AC
       ● Ics = 100% Icu
       ● Equipped with advanced Micrologic trip unit which provides over-load and short circuit protection along with phase-unbalance or phase-loss protections
       ● Adjustable Over load protection (Ir): 50..100% x In, includes trip class selection (Class 5, 10 or 20)
       ● Adjustable Short-time protection threshold (Isd): 5…13 x In with fixed time delay setting
       ● Short-Circuit instantaneous protection (Ii): 15 x In (max rating of the trip unit)
       ● Front LED indications: Green LED for pre-alarm before event of fault and Red LED for motor operation
       ● Control by Direct Rotary Handle (DRH) as standard function
       ● Optional door-mounted extended rotary handle control
       ● Wide range of auxiliaries for control and additional protection
       ● Connections: busbars/ cables with lugs
       ● Compliance with standards: EN/IEC 60947-1; IEC 60947-2; IEC 60947-4-1; UL 60947-4-1; CSA C22.2 No 60947-4-1
       ● Optional Thermal Fault module (SDTAM) to indicate over-load and to open contactor (before breaker tripping) in event of over-load or phase un-balance
        ● Suitable for 2 device motor-starter solutions along with TeSys contactors with Type 1 and Type 2 coordination


       ● An ingenious alliance of advanced electronics and electromechanical technology, the GV5 & GV6 range of motor circuit-breakers provides more effective protection, and is ideal for demanding applications
       ● Complies with international standards: IEC, UL, EAC (pending) with CE marking, suitable for multi geographical locations
       ● Easy installation thanks to universal fixing arrangement: Screw fixing
       ● Highly reliable as the thermal elements include automatic compensation for ambient temperature variations
       ● Wide range of accessories and auxiliaries provide flexibility
       ● Suitable for isolation, provides user protection


    TeSys GV5 & GV6 circuit breakers provide motor control and protection for a wide range of applications across industry, infrastructure and building. Specific applications include: 
    • Commercial real estate, construction, hospitals, facilities 
    • Utilities, oil & gas, energy, Water and Waste Water treatment plants 
    • Machinery, material handling, mining & metals, processing plants, etc.