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How electricity companies contribute to a low-carbon future

Electricity companies can decrease their carbon footprint with SF6-free MV switchgear technology.
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Fragile ecosystem gets an ally

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The Challenge
• Find alternative to SF6-based switchgear, green and easy-to-use solution that no longer uses SF6, as the recycling and reprocessing is becoming more costly and difficult to manage.
• Improve service continuity and increase connectivity, while ensuring cybersecurity and simplifying operations.
• Avoid engineering work or the necessity to modify substation design.
• Deploy an innovative solution aligned with the innovative culture of the organisation.
• Manage purchasing and logistics efficiently at a remote island location, facing difficult and unique challenges.
The Solution
Sustainability and Innovation with EcoStruxure for Electricity Companies
Connected Products: SF6-free MV switchgear with digital capabilities, Easergy T300 RTU, Easergy TH110 sensors, Minera transformer

• Comprehensive green and digital substation solution with SF6-free MV switchgear, the Easergy T300 remote terminal unit and the new connected Minera transformer that uses biodegradable vegetable oil.
• New SF6-free MV switchgear uses only pure air insulation and vacuum interruption technology thus eliminating the need for SF6.
• The substation equipment is fitted out with sensors and connected.
The Results
• Reduced carbon footprint delivered through SF6-free switchgear.
• Increased energy efficiency enabled by digital capabilities.
• Greener energy to consumers thanks to the fully sustainable kiosk as part of the distribution network.
• Peace-of-mind about maintenance and end-of-life treatment.
• Improved service continuity from connectivity.
• Enhanced network management with a powerful remote terminal unit.
"These new units have the same size and connection (...), so there is no change in operation for our teams"
Dominique Roecker, Purchasing Manager of the Energy Division at EEC Engie
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