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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.


Continuous monitoring and performance trends to ensure systems and equipment are operating as designed.


Automated diagnostics to lower planned maintenance costs and focus on tasks based on business priorities.


Identify and track areas for optimisation. Verify ROI on improvements.

A balanced approach to building maintenance

Combining people, technology and collaboration ensures you will meet the changing demands for high-performance businesses and buildings. With innovative digital services, you will maintain the balance between cost, risk and asset value.
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5000+ field technicians and 8 Connected Services Hubs provide on-site repairs and remote troubleshooting.
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Proven field-tested monitoring tools, including Asset Health, System Health, Energy Health and Smart Alarms.
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Ensuring your business goals are achieved via our consultative approach, regular reporting and task sharing.

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Simplify your building maintenance with EcoStruxure Building Advisor, our suite of analytic and monitoring services.
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Building Advisor Plus

Provides continuous monitoring of your building system with smart alarm management tool, BMS system diagnostics, remote troubleshooting and support and optional on-site repairs.

Building Advisor Prime

Works with remote data scientists armed with insights from automated fault detection. It's a planned preventative maintenance approach delivered on-site and remotely, with site health reports.

Building Advisor Ultra

Deliver lifetime building efficiency with remote data scientists who guide on-site support through task prioritisation. This condition-based approach provides ROI justification of energy conservation measures and site health reports.

What's included in each service plan:

Building System Monitoring
BMS Alarm Monitoring (optional) o o o
Asset Health Monitoring
Cloud Backup
Remote Issue
Building Operation Preventive
Building Asset Preventive
Condition Based
On-Site BMS Preventive
On-Site BMS Condition Based

BMS Health

Pull up system architecture, receive alerts on software and firmware upgrades, and review system and network performance trends.

Asset Health

With Integrated Asset Health module (formerly Building Analytics), you can monitor building equipment performance and opportunities for cost avoidance.

Smart Alarm

Remotely monitor alarms of your service customers, track resolution times. Analyse alarm statistics and gain insights on perennial and nuisance issues.

Task Manager

Create, assign and track maintenance tasks related to asset diagnostics. View task impact on ROI and manage maintenance schedule.

Value Report

Generate comprehensive reports to have a complete picture of systems and assets, including KPIs.

Customer success story

See how Boston Scientific, a worldwide developer of medical devices, integrated EcoStruxure Building Advisor to reduce energy waste and work towards creating a more sustainable corporate campus.
Read more about Boston Scientific's success

Request the EcoStruxure Building Advisor demo

Simplify your building maintenance with EcoStruxure Building Advisor, our suite of analytic and monitoring services.
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