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Thorsman LED Worklamps

The Led Work Lights range which covers the most application

Bring light onto your building site

Thorsman LED Worklamps
  • Funkcje

    The Thorsman Led Work Light range has been designed to offer more features and to cover a maximum number of applications thanks to its 6 different sizes.
    All products in the range are equipped with the latest Led technology to offer better energy efficiency, higher light quality and a longer lifetime.  


    Robust: Thorsman LED have an IP and IK degree which enables you to bring natural light to your outdoor and indoor projects, as in all kind of tough and harsh conditions. All Thorsman lights have been designed to withstand accidental dropping shocks enabling them to continue working thanks to the rubber coated shock absorbing frame.

    Economical: The lamps use latest LED technology which lasts up to 50000 hours (equivalent to 20-25 years of normal use) with very low energy consumption.

    Efficient:  Energy efficiency for some of the lights is up to 100 lumens/Watt.Thanks to the ultra efficient LED, the light never gets hot, limits the fire risk and can be used close to flammable material and surfaces. 

    Flexible:  Each light has its own built in features such as adjustable bracket, motion sensor or integrated magnet which allow multiple light configuration and support in directing the light in the most efficient way. 

    Thanks to its 6 different sizes, Thorsman LED lights range covers all applications, from service and inspection to large  projects involving tripod fixation


    Due to its high IP and IK, it’s suitable to any workplace, under any kind of weather condition

    Temperature resistant but “cold light”, Thorsman LED lights could be used in any place at any moment.