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What is the difference between the SF6 technology and the Vacuum technology used in Schneider Make MV Circuit Breaker.

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SF6 and Vacuum are the two modern breaking techniques in the field of Medium Voltage. Refer the below table for the comparison of these two technologies:

Protection & Switching of:VacuumSF6
Breaking medium Checkingnoyes
Failure rate (MTBF)target as SF64 / 10000 units per year
Sealed for lifeyesyes
Life time30 years30 years
Mechanical Endurance10000 operations10000 operations
Electrical Endurance50 to 100 operations @ Isc20 to 50 operations @Isc
Overheads Line Transformer(IEC E2 class possible higher TRV)(IEC E2 class possible higher TRV)
MotorCircuit Breaker Contactor + protectionCircuit Breaker Contactor
Capacitor Bank(IEC C1 class : low probability of restrikes)(IEC C2 class : no reignition, no restrikes)
Arc FurnaceCBCB
CB + protectionCB + protection

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