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W310 Brio

Wireless Local Telemetry Unit

Wireless Local Telemetry Unit

Unidades locais de telemetria
  • Caraterísticas

    W310 is a wireless telemetry local unity which belongs to a generation of ultra-low power consumption data acquisition and transmission products that use the GSM network.
    W310 is battery-powered, making it completely self-sufficient and extremely quick and simple to install.

    Garantia contratual

    Período : 18 meses


    Internally powered by a Li cell (battery life from 5 to 10 years depending on the application). Well adapted to isolated sites or located on a disturbed environment

    Remote communication by GSM (SMS), local communication through a serial infrared link

    Information acquisition and transmission
    Acquisition, recording with timestamp, alarm detection. 1 to 8 informations: counting, level, pressure, temperature… from analog, digital sensors or Modbus slaves (RS485). W310 provides power supply for 4-20mA or Modbus sensors

    Discrete packaging with IP 56 rating, can be installed outside

    Easy to use
    Compact, Standard plug, Easy to install or change, Simplified setup, Standalone product, Configurable on the site by infrared link and remotely by SMS

    Threshold, Technical and System alarms

    Optimized total cost of ownership
    No dependence on site power supply or communication wiring and logistics savings. W310 is not dependant on the site infrastructure.


    Remote measurement of levels

    • River
    • Borehole
    • Tank

    Remote measurement of pressures

    • Gas storage
    • Boosters

    Tank/pumping station servo control

    Remote monitoring of cathodic protection