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How do we know the clone operation process to create a SD card image is completed with M241/M251 PLCs ?

This FAQ topic refer to the operation named ‘clone’  which consist in getting the whole content of any M241/M251 PLC ( getting both firmware and project application),  make copy it  into an empty SD card

When starting the clone  process (powering ON the PLC with an empty SD card inside) the green LED SD is fast  flashing ,but as it’s flashing very fast.
At the end of the process, the SD LED change state to stay fix ON until we remove the SD card. But as the eyes can’t really distinguish the differencefor the light emmitted by the LED between fast flashing and steay On , we can’t really not see  some difference between the two status  ‘clone in progress’ and ‘clone operation completed’

Then to be sure the process ended correctly, it’s recommended:
- to wait up to really 5 minutes after the PLC is PoweredON
- check afterwords, the content of the SD card , by plugging into some SDcard reader, to check the file named SCRIPT.CMD is present into the directory  name /sys/cmd  of the SD card ( this is the last action achieved by the system during the clone procedure)

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