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What is the function of the Unika Sockets with interlock switch ?

In conformity with IEC 60309 standards, all the industrial sockets have a lock or holding mechanism, which keeps the plug firmly locked in the socket, preventing it from being pulled out...

What are the different license sizes of Unity Pro 11 ?

Unity Pro V11 is available in 3 different sizes : S, L, XL The only difference between sizes S, L, XL is the supported controller references. Supported PLCs by size :

What is the BOM of MVS25H4MW6A ?

The reference MVS25H4MW6A consists of the following:- MVS22154 MVS25H_4PW_SA MVS21418 ETA 6G - Drawout 48169 TOP 4P HORIZ. REAR CONNECTION 48174 BOTTOM 4P HORIZ. REAR CONNECTI

What is the BOM of MVS25H4MF5L ?

The reference MVS25H4MF5L consists of the following:- 48169 TOP 4P HORIZ. REAR CONNECTION 48174 BOTTOM 4P HORIZ. REAR CONNECTI MVS21424 ET 5S FIXED MVS22162 ADAPT EP MVS 2500A H

How to read all the fault records in Micom P111 relay?

All the fault records can be read from this address single address 01 03 37 00 00 0E CRC . If you need the serpate address /mapping details ,please visit our below website to download the manual to...

Can i use Vigirex residual current relays for 3-wires systems with no...

The Vigirex residual current relays, combined with a toroid, provide protection against earth leakage currents for all LV electrical network types less than 1000 V, regardless of the type of earthing...

In EBO server Modbus TCP network/device basic properties tab, what does...

In EcoStruxure Building Operation "EBO" Server Modbus TCP network/device basic properties, "Multiple queries" means that a number of queries will be sent out at the same time. The...

What are the steps to update the firmware for Full Function test Kit FFTK...

Please follow the steps described in the attached document

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What is meant by Symmetrical and Asymmetrical breaking currents?

issue: Customer wants to know the value of the symmetrical and asymmetrical breaking current of the circuit breaker and what do they mean. Environment: Circuit Breaker Resolution: - Symmetrical...

Why are some products double coded with two IP ratings (like IP65 / IP67)?

The second characteristic numeral in an IP designation indicates the degree of protection provided by enclosures with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water. 5 =>...

Can I install bypass contactor for Altivar process drives?

Bypass contactors are not supported by ATV process LV drives (ATV600, ATV900). It is not possible to bypass the drive by external contactors because there is no synchronization of output voltage with...

In a 3 phase system, why does the meter still show voltage reading on one...

Issue: Testing phase loss on a meter doesn't result in a null voltage reading. Environmnet: EasyLogic Series Power Meters PowerLogic Series Power Meters Resolution: The voltage seen is what we...