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Why do ATV320 parameter changes have no effect?

Why am I unable to adjust parameters in the ATV320 when the drive state shows RDY or nSt?

Product Line:
ATV320 and ATV32 series drives.

All models, all serial numbers.

Function block installed.

Check for Function Block operation here :  DRI – CONF – FULL – FBM – FBP – NFB – FBST.   FBST is the function block status.  If this parameter says anything other than IDLE, then a function block has been loaded.  If FbSt is changed to STOP, parameters may be able to be changed, however, when re-enabled, the Function Block program would likely override your changes.  It will be necessary to contact the OEM that wrote the function block for assistance.  Schneider Electric Drives Product Support Group will not have access to this program, and will not be able to assist with altering the function block.

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