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Tesys T

Smart motor management system

TeSys T is a smart motor management system. When associated with a short circuit protection device and a contactor, the device provides full motor monitoring, control and protection for electrical motors.

Tesys T
  • Features

    TeSys T is an advanced motor management and protection system designed to prevent malfunctions. Both motor and mechanics are protected, so unexpected process or production halts can be anticipated. 

    TeSys T comprises:
    • A controller providing main protection and control functions 
    • An extension module that completes the functions of the controller by providing voltage and power protection and monitoring
    • An LTMCU operator control unit for reading, diagnostics and modification of the parameters monitored      
    SoMove configuration software, enables simple and user-friendly setup of motor starters incorporated with TeSys T.

    Fully open, it communicates with commonly used Ethernet networks and protocols: Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP, and can also communicate via Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP protocols.


    TeSys T is a compact, smart and easy to select product that can be fully integrated in any automation system or connected to any PLC of the market. Advanced protections, monitoring and pre alarming will dramatically increase process availability (less downtime) and reduce operation costs.


    • Fully open, it communicates with Ethernet protocols: Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP, Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP protocols. 
    • Designed to fit in IEC and NEMA MCC , it integrates 10 predefined control schemes and one custom mode that let adapt control mode, product behavior and even protections to any requests. 
    • TeSys T can be controlled through its terminal strip, HMI or communication port. Having a central control in TeSys T will reduce the complexity of your installation, reduce the need of auxiliary equipment, save space and reduce costs. 
    • Fully integrated into Blokset, Okken and Model 6 iPMCC TVDA, Advantys STB solution and in the Foxboro DCS.


    • TeSys T is quickly becoming a worldwide standard thanks to its flexibility. Lots of customers in Metal/Mining/Mineral, Oil & Gas, Water Wastewater and other types of applications trust TeSys T to deliver.
    • TeSys T is highly reliable and has a very long product life thanks to a state-of-the-art component selection (FRAM memory, Flexrigid PCB, etc.) to the all-in- one design and advanced electronic protection. 
    • TeSys T Ethernet version enjoys daisy chain loop for higher redundant system. 

    Prediction and Energy Management 

    • TeSys is able to accurately monitor current, voltage and power over a wide range and features advanced protection and warning functions. This accuracy is key for an effective protection and preventive maintenance. 
    • The advanced protection and warning functions will allow TeSys T to predict process shutdowns and manage processes more efficiently. 
    • The power monitoring capabilities makes TeSys T a green motor management system because it can help to better manage energy consumption. 
    • TeSys T is fully integrated in Powerlogic systems to fully utilize its power and energy monitoring capabilities.


    The TeSys T range is designed for the management of critical processes in harsh environment for applications such as:

    • Water Wastewater 
    • Oil & Gas 
    • Chemical
    • Mining and Mineral 
    • Metals 
    • Food & Beverage 
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Transportation


    • LTM CU control unit