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Merten Inserts

QuickFlex flush-mounted insert for Merten switches

Universal inserts for all Merten ranges

Merten Inserts
  • Features

    Merten Inserts covers all areas of inserts.

    All can be combined with all various centerplates and outerframes designs of Merten System M , Merten Artec, Merten Antique, ….

    Universal inserts are available for:

    • Switches and push-buttons (10 A, 16 A, 20, screwed, screwless, from one way 1-pole up to 3 x 1 pole)
    • Roller shutter switches
    • Switch and push-buttons illuminated
    • Time switch insert
    • Key and rotary switches
    • Keycard switch
    • Socket-outlets with side earth (SCHUKO)
    • Socket-outlets with earth pin
    • Socket-outlets without earth
    • Signal and information
    • Shaver sockets
    • Room temperature control units
    • Rotary dimmers
    • Touch dimmers
    • Relays switch inserts
    • Movement detectors
    • Timers
    • Thermostats
    • Blind control system
    • TV/Radio/SAT
    • Audio
    • Data socket-outlet

    Installation and mounting

    • Solid metal retaining ring which prevents distortion or deformation during installation.
    • Clean installation on uneven surfaces.
    • With robust metal interlocking system for easy installation of multiple combinations.
    • Double plug-in contacts for secure connection.
    • Curcuit diagrams on the back of the inserts, help to work quick and safety.


    Flexibility in Design - today Merten M-Smart – tomorrow Merten Artec ? No problem with the Schneider Electric universal Merten inserts:

    • When you change the switch range, there is no need to change the insert
    • This saves time and installation costs and gives the end user an inexpensive option for updating their switch design
    • This includes not only the Wiring-Devices inserts but also all Stand-alone-electronic and VDI inserts and makes it possible to use only oneset of inserts from standard to medium / high end ranges
    • This lowers the stock and gives a maximum in flexibility in the installation process
    • The inserts offer includes all needed functions for a international ranges including various socket-outlets, controls, VDI
    • The inserts have unique interlocking retaining fixing frames that speeds up the installation of multiple combinations


    Merten inserts can be used in any kind of CEE60 installation, with help of surface boxes and IP 44 solutions all applications.

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