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Actassi for AsiaPacific

Superior Cable & connectivity for Asia, Pacific

Part of Actassi

Actassi is Schneider Electric’s global range of networking and connectivity infrastructure solutions for buildings and data centers. All products are designed to give superior usability and performance for copper and fiber installations: RJ45 connectors for Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A performance; patch panels; copper and fiber optics LAN cables and patch cords, pre-terminated fiber (MTP) solution.

Actassi for AsiaPacific
  • Features

    Actassi is the end-to-end structured cabling solution that invites users to enter a "Blue Ocean" of ideas where connectivity becomes user-centric and truly delightful rather than merely easy to use. ID-TracerTM Smart Patching Solution, 10G Solution, Fiber Solution, Multiplus Solution, "Tough" Cabling & Connectivity, and Ergo-Aesthetic Terminals all provide ease, usefulness and satisfaction to the next level from data centre, to meeting rooms, to workstations, and even on the road...

    The Actassi solution is not a showcase of what technology has achieved, but makes technology work for you. From user-friendly to user-delighting, Actassi sets a new benchmark.

    Discover the delights of Super Usability!

    What is Usability?
    “Usability” simply means
    • Easy
    • Useful
    • Satisfying to use
    Superior Usability is one step above… It consists of 5 elements…
    • Makes your life easier
    • Enables work done faster
    • Combines technology, artistry and beauty all in one
    • Lets you work in style
    • Frees you from worry by giving you second chances
    All products are designed to give superior usability and performance, the range consists of a comprehensive set of products:

    • RJ45 Connectors for Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6A performance
    • Patch panels
    • Copper and fiber optic LAN cables
    • Patch cords and connecting hardware
    • Cabling and server enclosures
    • Pre-terminated Copper and Pre-terminated Fiber (MTP) solutions


    Seamless end-to-end network connectivity

    • One solution provider, giving seamless end-to-end connectivity for buildings and data centres
    • Comprehensive product offer; connectors, LAN cables, patch cords, panels, enclosures.
    • Designed to perfectly fit to other Schneider Electric products and solutions
    • Part of TOP - the Schneider Electric Total Office Performance system for buildings

    Superior usability

    • easy to specify, easy to install, easy to use and easy to upgrade
    • Future-proof - no problems with retro-fitting
    • Performance exceeding international standards
    • Software tools to facilitate the design of complete infrastructures

    Complete Peace of mind

    • Independent laboratory verification and certification for compliance and performance
    • Global warranty programs
    • Global sales organisation, ready to assist wherever you are

    Innovation in design and offer: 

    • One-piece RJ45 connectors, up to 50% faster to connect, and with full compliance to ISO/IEC11801 amd 2:2010, for connecting hardware
    • 19" panels with quick-fix and sliding function, automatic earthing, and superior cable management and marking
    • Innovate LAN cables with one-foil shielding design
    • 3 and 4 point Class EA LAN cabling with the highest performance
    • Class EA consolidation point cabling ready to install
    • Enclosures with pre-mounted accessories


    The Actassi structured cabling solution is a seamless end-to-end copper and fibre solution that is dynamic enough to address the needs from the technical room, through the building all the way to the data centre. Actassi provides superior network performance with the security and reliability expected from a global Network Connectivity provider.

    Whilst Actassi is addressing the needs of buildings and data centres, it is also an important part of the TOP System (Total Office Performance), the Schneider Electric end-to-end distribution and control solution making workspaces energy-efficient, flexible and comfortable. All parts of TOP are designed to work as ONE, from power and data distribution, to safety systems and life space controls. TOP is built on the same strong and committed Actassi values of easy installation, reliability, flexibility and efficiency while delivering performance and functionality.

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