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What is Smart FM?

Smart Facilities Management (FM) enhances the management of a building's facilities by using technology to improve processes and people. It is the integration of systems, processes, technologies and personnel to achieve a holistic solution that can support data-driven decisions.

Smart FM can range from intelligent energy management to digital technology, facilitating maintenance and leading to greater cost savings and productivity.

With Smart FM, you can:
  • Access all facility status and data from a single dashboard/panel
  • Get notifications from sensors on building management tasks, such as when bathrooms need cleaning, or lights bulbs need changing
  • Achieve greater transparency on energy costs and savings breakdown
  • Perform preventive maintenance instead of reactive maintenance
  • Gather data and analytics to drive informed decisions

Why should you adopt Smart FM?

As the economy shifts from traditional industry silos to integrated digital ecosystems, Smart FM harnesses technology to support and inform data-driven decisions, create change and improve outcomes. Building owners that can make use of digital economies of scale, continuously create new value and place their customers' experience first will thrive.

Here are six ways Smart FM can address the your facility management concerns and enhance your building’s capabilities:

Is my building compliant with BCA guidelines?

BCA has launched new guidelines for the FM sector to streamline work processes, leverage smart technology solutions and predictive maintenance to improve FM service quality.

How can I defray the costs of digitalising my building?

Construction and FM firms can leverage governmental support through BCA’s Productivity Solutions Grant under the Construction and Facilities Management Industry Digital Plan (IDP).
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How can my building achieve energy sustainability?

Smart technologies reduce energy waste and increase energy savings. Buildings that adopt environmentally-friendly technologies and design practices are eligible for the BCA Green Mark awards.
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How can I increase operational productivity and efficiency?

Automation improves building uptime and operational efficiency. When reliance on manpower is reduced, FM managers and operation teams can free up their time for other priorities.

Can it help me enhance workplace wellness & employee productivity?

Adaptive lighting, HVAC and integrated access control systems provide greater welfare and healthier environments to building occupants, improving employee wellness and productivity.

How can I satisfy my tenants needs and improve relations?

With Smart FM, building owners can use technology to actively prevent breakdowns, improve tenants’ experience, increase confidence and retain tenants in the long run.

Smart FM for the New Normal

To drive the adoption of smart FM, BCA has come up with a Smart FM taskforce and developed a Guide to Smart FM. Check out our 2-page brochure on “How to Adopt Smart FM (Based on BCA’s 2020 Recommendation)” to find out:
  • BCA’s list of 16 FM point solutions to address specific FM pain points
  • An easy-to-use reference on the key steps to take in your Smart FM journey
  • Schneider Electric’s digital solutions that address 13 of the Smart FM point solutions
Download Guide Now

Getting started on Smart FM

Adopting Smart FM is essential to the functioning of a smart building. With IoT-enabled technologies and building information modelling (BIM), Smart FM allows the sharing and monitoring of data across various building automation & control systems, communicating accurate and actionable data for higher operational efficiencies in smart buildings.

Our EcoStruxureTM for Real Estate allows for predictive and conditional maintenance, where facility managers can monitor, improve and optimise operations from one integrated system.

Smart FM Proof-of-Concept (POC) Grant by BCA

To promote the adoption of smart FM solutions and kickstart the next phase of industry transformation, BCA is offering up to $800,000 of funding per project to help companies adopt Smart FM solutions.

The POC Grant is open to Service buyers (developers and building owners) and service providers (FM companies and technology providers).

Projects under the grant will showcase the potential benefits and establish a business case for integrated and aggregated smart FM solutions that can be scaled up and replicated in other portfolio or cluster of buildings.

The Grant is open for application from 12 October 2020 (Mon) to 7 December 2020 (Mon). Increase the chances that your application gets approved by working with us to develop your project proposal! Fill up the below contact form to start collaborating with us.

Schneider Electric Smart FM Solutions

The planning and adoption of Smart FM solutions will help Building Owners and FM Managers meet the challenges of an ageing workforce and manpower constraints.

The market for Smart FM technology solutions is maturing and the product range is comprehensive and ever-growing. BCA has released a list of 16 FM point solutions to address specific FM pain points related to infrastructure and common services.

Of these 16 Smart FM point solutions, Schneider Electric is offering the following 13 services:

Success Stories

Watch our videos to see how Smart FM has helped other building owners and facility managers overcome their building’s challenges.

EcoStruxure: Sodexo Food Services & Facility Management | Schneider Electric

Sodexo introduces cutting-edge FM services, drives energy savings, and increases the quality of life with EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor from Schneider Electric.

Marina Bay Sands: Drive for Energy Conservation with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor | Schneider Electric

Marina Bay Sands stays at the forefront of sustainability with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor & other smart solutions from Schneider Electric, giving them immense control over their energy usage and optimising their operational efficiency.


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