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Regardless of equipment age, we have service options that include Maintenance, Remote Management, Spare Parts, Training, Modernisation and Consultation; aligned to 5 key phases of the Asset Management Life Cycle. Worker and manager in warehouse.

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Shanghai Metro partnered with Schneider Electric to help ensure smooth operations for a complex, busy rail system.
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1. What is field service management?

All the jobs performed in the field and not inside a company's premises are called field services. It requires skilled professionals at the customers' location to perform functions such as installation, repairs, and maintenance. We understand how daunting it can be to constantly supervise these services, and therefore, we offer you our assistance in the domain via field service management. Schneider Electric's expert professionals ensure a smooth installation, enhanced equipment life, and uninterrupted business continuity while optimizing the organization's operations and equipment.

2. What is the importance of field management?

In simple terms, all the jobs that are carried out on the field and not inside the company's premises are called field services. It requires the supervision of skilled professionals at the customer's location for performing technical functions like servicing, maintenance, installation, and repairs. We at Schneider Electric India understand how exhausting it can be to constantly supervise deskless services on an everyday basis. Therefore, we offer you our assistance in the domain by extending our exceptional field service management. Our learned professionals ensure a smooth installation, enhanced equipment life and uninterrupted business continuity while effectively optimizing organizations' electrical instruments and operations.

3. What are the uses of field management services?

Field management services carry the potential to reduce human effort and increase employee productivity by a drastic rate. An array of field service management software solutions digitally track and analyze crucial data like field notes, expenses, work completion time etc., improving task visibility which leads to error-free business decisions. In addition, field management services effectively bring down overhead costs by improving planning, inventory management, scheduling, and upgrading ways of communication. Schneider Electric India is a leading field management service provider that extends expertise in delivering resilient and technically advanced solutions and services for industrial automation, building management and electrical distribution combined with cooling services and critical power that boosts operational efficiency and asset reliability.

4. Who uses Field services?

As mentioned above, field services can be referred to as the process of deploying skilled resources, assets, and workers to offsite locations. Therefore, several businesses and industries can benefit by employing quality field management services like fire and life safety, medical device enterprises, communication services companies, facility management industry, industrial equipment enterprises, construction industry and more.

At Schneider Electric India, we ensure that all our customers receive the assistance of our highly skilled professionals who are professionally trained to carry out various crucial offsite tasks in the most efficient and optimized manner while delivering quality results.