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increase in electrical footprint of all data centers by 20251


growth in global data generated by 20252


of executives report that over 50% of their data centers will be self-configuring by 20253


of data will be processed at the edge by 20254

Experience the all-digital Data Centers of the Future

Trailblazing the path to net-zero data center operations

In this Innovation Talk session, Iron Mountain discusses how they are intertwining strategic sustainability priorities with business goals. Learn how they have utilized digitization to measure and report on clear sustainability metrics.

Hybrid cloud architecture evolution

Hear from Steve Carlini, VP of Innovation and Data Center at Schneider Electric, as he shares the evolution of the hybrid cloud architecture and discusses how IT and data center professionals can leverage this change.

Powering and digitizing data centers

Pankaj Sharma, EVP of Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric, discusses how the digitization of data centers plays a pivotal role for businesses to adapt and be resilient to uncertainties.

Building the resilient and sustainable Edge

The industry faces an emerging challenge within smaller, edge environments. Kevin Brown, SVP and CMO of Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric, explains how we power the digital transformation for our customers in a highly reliable and resilient way.

See how customer are shaping the Data Centers of the Future

Digital movie magic

Animal Logic
Creating award-winning effects outside of Hollywood is a bold idea. Schneider Electric installed a ready-made data center in less than five months for Animal Logic and now they make digital movie magic with EcoStruxure IT.
Read Animal Logic’s story

Reliable power and cooling

Improve reliability with integrated medium voltage, low voltage, and uninterruptible power supply and cooling solutions that can be configured to provide redundancy.

Explore our EcoStruxure solutions

EcoStruxure for Data Centers

man and woman looking at a tablet standing in a data center

EcoStruxure for Cloud and Service Providers

Image of office buildings in modern part of Paris

EcoStruxure Power

EcoStruxure Building

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1.  What are data center services?

A data center is an essential component that plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any organization. Therefore, it is crucial to seek data center services from a source with expertise in hardware, software, personnel, and processes to maintain a data center. Schneider Electric provides solutions on multiple fronts like high-density infrastructure, robust software, digital services, high-efficiency designs, etc. A team of efficient professionals delivers quality services that substantially contribute to a data center's longevity.

2. What is a sustainable data center?

A sustainable data center is also known as a green data center; it focuses on energy efficiency and has minimal impact on the environment. The central objective of a sustainable data center is to improve the reduction of energy demand continually. Schneider Electric offers a wide range of solutions like carbon strategy consulting, circular principles for preserving resources and CO2 emissions, and resource-efficient data center designs to elevate the overall data center sustainability.

3. How can data centers be more sustainable?

As the world grows more environmentally aware, there is an increased demand for better data center planning. A data center is a vital component present in every organization; it is primarily responsible for heavy data and application storage. There are multiple ways to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and make a data center more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Schneider Electric focuses on energy-saving technologies that ensure minimal emission of greenhouse gases. In addition to the wide range of services, we also set up a hybrid data center that reduces electrical power generation by utilizing virtualization and software networking. It significantly improves the cutback of its environmental demand, making the data center more sustainable for a brighter and healthier future.