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        TAC Vista Security provides a complete security solution that is fully integrated with building management system TAC Vista, using your building’s administrative TCP/IP network. Security devices and building control devices can share information, connected through a common architecture and network.

        Simple to install TAC Vista Security is designed to be easy to install. Adding this solution to your TAC Vista building management system is as simple as ordering the license option, then connecting the security hardware devices using the TAC Xenta 527 embedded web and infrastructure product. This same product provides field integration with Xenta LonWorks® networks as well as providing security integration with TAC Vista building management system.

        Easy to configure Only a limited amount of user intervention is needed to establish devices on the network. The configuration is intuitive and simple. You just add a TAC Xenta 527 to the Vista device list, and the rest of the setup process is primarily automated.

        Powerful to use By making use of TAC’s experience in security solutions, TAC Vista Security gives users a system that is easy to operate yet provides extremely powerful security capabilities. TAC Vista Security allows comprehensive access control and well designed functions that permit intruder detection monitoring to be established where needed. The open protocol and multiple secondary protocol connections mean that interfaces to, for example fire systems thru MODBUS, are easy to achieve.

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      TAC Vista Security Integrated Building Management and Security 2011/9/29 英文 03-00007-05-en.pdf1.3 MB