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Compact C401 with motor starter | Dangerous voltage at metallic locking | References: 44975, 44976, 44977 and 44978

This safety notice refers to accessories (motor drive), which is used as part of the Compact C401 series. Although sales in 1995 were halted and the supply of spare parts was discontinued in 2009, some products may still be in operation. 

Schneider Electric has identified a risk where potentially dangerous voltage can be transmitted from the motor control to the locking plate. This risk exists if the motor connection cables are installed incorrectly. This may result in damage to the insulation due to wear, position of the circuit breaker and mechanical pressure of the locking plate. If the locking plate is live, there is a risk of electric shock to the operator which could lead to serious personal injury. 

Immediate action is required to minimise the risk of equipment still in service. Caution should be exercised before the locking plate and its parts are touched, including the use of personal protective equipment, such as insulating gloves or protective mats - to the rated voltage of the motor control and the non-stressing of the metal parts (by means of a suitable measuring device.) One of the following actions is necessary to eliminate the danger completely and permanently:

• Replace Compact C401 by an equivalent Compact NSX
• Reposition the motor supply wires in order to prevent any contact with the motor axis (see image below):

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