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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Schneider Electric evolves Ecommerce Partner Program, providing a roadmap for growth

The program provides partners with:

  • Comprehensive training in topics such as company, product, ecommerce, sustainability, and more
  • Resources and support necessary to stay competitive and make the most out of e-commerce investment
  • Access to an eCommerce Transformation & Activation Manager to help develop strategies to maximize success in the e-commerce space

Schneider Electric™, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced its new Ecommerce Partner Program, which will provide a simplified, innovative and collaborative approach to enabling our Ecommerce partner growth.

As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, businesses must stay ahead of the competition in order to capitalize on growth opportunities. To help ensure businesses are well-positioned to succeed, Schneider Electric has developed The Ecommerce Partner Program. This Program provides partners with the latest industry updates, news, and events to ensure they are up to date on the ever-changing market. Additionally, partners have access to an eCommerce Transformation & Activation Manager who can help them develop the right strategies to maximize their success.

The Program also provides comprehensive training in topics such as company, product, ecommerce, sustainability, and more to help partners stay ahead of the competition. Finally, partners will have access to a range of partner compensation options in exchange for their engagement. These options could include marketing funds, rebates, sell-out initiatives, and more to help partners better capitalize on their e-commerce investments.

“The mission of our partner program has become clearer,” said David Terry, Vice President IT Channels Europe at Schneider Electric. “For the first time we are offering our Ecommerce partners a program which is unique and innovative that sets it apart from its competitors. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help partners succeed in the e-commerce space. From marketing support to technical assistance, the program offers a wide range of services to ensure partners have the best experience possible. The program also offers exclusive discounts and promotions to help partners maximize their profits. With its comprehensive features and the ability to customize the program to fit the needs of each partner, the Ecommerce Partner Program is truly ahead of its competitors.”

The Ecommerce Partner Program is the perfect solution for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape. To learn more and join the mySchneider IT Partner Program, visit apc.com/partners.



Adoption of Wiztopic's Blockchain Certification Platform

From 2nd October 2019, in order to secure its communication, Schneider Electric has been certifying its content on Wiztrust. You can check the authenticity on the website Wiztrust.com for corporate communications.
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