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How do I wire up an LE1GBK starter?

NOTE: The LE1GB offer is now obsolete. This information is for maintenance of existing units only.

An overload must first be fitted beneath the contactor. It will require a K series overload ( part numbers LR2K03**)


The 3 incoming phases are wired directly to the top terminals of the contactor: L1, L2 and L3
The Motor is connected to terminals T1, T2 and T3 on the overload


The Schneider LE1GBK***** series starters incorporate the K series contactors and overloads. A key design factor with this series is the "pre-wired" connection system. The overload has five pins instead of the usual 3, the two right hand pins giving direct connection to terminals 14 (NO aux contact) and A2 (coil) on the contactor without the need for external wiring.

This reduces assembly and wiring times considerably but occasionally creates confusion for installers who were not expecting this configuration

The remainder of the control wiring is already performed except for a loose lead from the Start button which needs to be connected to terminal 95 of the overload.

95 and 96 are the two connections for the normally closed contact of the overload. Conventionally, 95 would be wire connected to terminal 14 of the contactor, 96 would be wire connected to A2. The "Start" button wire would also be connected to 14, but due to the internal wiring of the overload none of this is necessary other than the start button wire to 95.

Diagrams for both 240VAC coil and 415VAC coil versions are attached, together with a schematic of the internal connections of the overload.

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