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What type of replacement fuse links can be used with Quadbreak fuse switches?

Published date: 05 October 2018

Quadbreak Fuse Links      
Rating BS88 Reference Bussman Reference* GEC Reference
63A - BD63 TBC63
100A B1 111mm CD100 TC100
160A B2 111mm DD160 TF160
200A B2 111mm DD200 TF200
250A B3/4 111mm ED250 TKF250
315A C1 133mm EFS315 TKM315
400A C1 133mm EF400 TM400
500A C2 133mm FF500 TTM500
630A C2 133mm FF630 TTM630
* To conform with ASTA certification Bussman fuses should be used.  

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