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Video: How do you put the ATV12 drive in local mode to run off the face of the drive?

Turn an ATV12 drive in local mode to run

Product Line:
Altivar ATV12


Requirement to operate the ATV12 in local mode using the wheel for speed control and the start stop buttons for starting and stopping.


  • Hold the MOD button for 3 to 4 seconds to put this drive in local mode.
  • You will see LOC displayed followed by rdY.
  • While in Local Mode, 3 LEDs will flash top to bottom on the left side of the display to indicate Local Mode is activated.
  • If you need to go back to remote mode hold the MOD button again for 3 to 5 seconds.
Please note: If you go between local and remote modes you will reset your logic inputs and CTL FR1 parameters to factory default.

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