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What is the Quantum QUCM module and who supports it?

Issue: Support assistance

Product Line: Quantum

Environment: None

Cause: CAPP partner


Quantum Universal Communications Modules (QUCM+002, QUCM+102 & QUCM+204) are programmable serial communication modules for Schneider Automation's Quantum® PLC with two or more serial ports, a PLC interface, a LCD display with keypad, a real-time clock, a TCP/IP stack, and internal registers, made by Niobrara R&D. The QUCM+102 and QUCM+204 offers Ethernet port(s).

NR&D (Niobrara Research and Development).is Schneider Electric's Collaborative Alliance Partner.

QUCM modules can be ordered directly from them and is also supported by them.

Below is a link and phone number for ordering the part from them directly.

(417) 624-8918 - phone

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