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For soft starters and variable speed drives, can the ATSxxxx and ATVxxxxx operate in two directions?

On their power output terminals, ATS01 ATS22 and ATS48 starters only deliver the voltage received phase by phase on their power input terminals.
The direction of rotation of the motor therefore depends solely on the phase sequence upstream of the starter (L1, L2, L3)

ATS48 input (L1, L2, L3)                    ATS48 output (T1, T2, T3)
phase 1 on L1                   =>                     phase 1 on T1
phase 2 on L2                   =>                     phase 2 on T2
phase 3 on L3                   =>                     phase 3 on T3

To reverse the direction, it is advisable to use two interlocked contactors upstream of the device to modify the phase sequence upstream of the starter.

phase 2 on L1                   =>                     phase 2 on T1
phase 1 on L2                   =>                     phase 1 on T2
phase 3 on L3                   =>                     phase 3 on T3

Wiring diagram (please see attachment)

Variable Speed Drives rectifies the 3-phase input voltage to a DC component and then regenerates a completely new 3-phase output voltage that can be created to run the motor in either forward or reverse operation.

ATVxxxxxxx drives are designed for both directions of operation. The factory-set drives would usually have an input pre-assigned depending on model and macro set in the drive, others may require the function to be assigned to a logic input for reverse operation.

phase 1 on L1                                                      phase 1' on U if Forward operation input
phase 2' on U if Reverse operation input
phase 2 on L2         =>            rectified    =>       phase 2' on V if Forward operation input
voltage                      phase 1' on V if Reverse operation input
phase 3 on L3                                                       phase 3' on W


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