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How can I configure my ATV630 drive to quickly ramp up to speed when a run command is issued and then operate in PID mode once up to speed?

I need my pump motor to quickly accelerate to speed when starting, and then have PID enabled once up to speed.

Product Line:
ATV630 series drives and enclosed versions (660, 680 . . .)

All models, All serial numbers where PID function is being used.

Pump manufacturer requires the pump be at a minimum speed within a certain amount of time to prevent bearing damage and this is faster than the ACC rating that will be used in PID mode.

Parameter "PID Acceleration time" under [Complete settings] [Pump functions] [PID controller] [Settings] can be used to achieve this function.   Set your low speed setting (LSP) to the minimum speed your motor needs to run, then set the PID Acceleration time (ACCP) parameter to the number of seconds you want the drive to take to achieve full speed.  (If you want the drive to reach 30 Hz. in 5 seconds, set ACCP to 10.  ACCP is speed to 60.0Hz.  10 seconds to 60 Hz. = 5 seconds to 30 Hz.)   The drive will then follow this acceleration rate until the LSP speed is attained, then switch over to PID mode and follow the 'PID RAMP"  time while in PID mode.

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