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What can cause an Internal Error 12 (InFC) on the ATV630 and ATV930 Process Drives?

ATV630/ATV930 InFC or internal error 12

Product Line:
ATV630 and ATV930


Internal current supply error
- Defect of the current transformer
- Defect on the power supply on the inverter / AFE power board

This error could occur on S6, ATV•30F, ATV•50F, ATV•60 and ATV•80.
The InFC error is raised when the current sensor supply monitoring has detected a low level on the current sensor supply.

- Check with SoMove service section, on which brick the fault occurs
Power OFF the drive and disconnect the current transformer of the identified brick,
Power ON the device and check if the fault raised again, if the fault is not present the current sensor is damaged - > change the brick.
If the fault raised again, change the inverter board or AFE brick power board of the identified Brick

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