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    A SUSTAINABLE business plan

    Leading more that 20 companies to a SUSTAINABLE future is a bold idea. With EcoStruxure™ Building, Blackstone, one of the world's largest private equity firms, is able to acheive tens of millions in energy savings from sustainability efforts and strategic energy sourcing.

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  • Changing Sustainability Perceptions

    With innovative technology and services at every level of the organization, Blackstone developed an aggressive and sustainable energy-management strategy, which is paying dividends at over 20 portfolio companies and counting.

The Challenge

• Blackstone is one of the world’s largest private equity firms, managing more than $365 billion in assets. To stay ahead in a competitive market, the company looks for every opportunity to save and is quick to move and capitalize on smart investments.

• Blackstone oversees operations across multiple industries and geographies – a portfolio with a sizeable energy spend.

• To manage resources and expenses, Blackstone needed actionable energy and sustainability data for the companies it owns and supports.

• “It’s critical to handle each region with some level of consistency. We’re a data-driven organization. And I approach sustainability the same way. I have to have good data no matter the location,” said Don Anderson, Chief Sustainability Officer at Blackstone.


The Solution

Connectivity and Efficiency with EcoStruxure™
   Apps, Analytics & Services : Resource Advisor enterprise data management platform
   Energy & Sustainability Services : Energy consulting and strategic energy sourcing

• Working with Schneider Electric, Blackstone developed an aggressive energy-management and sustainability strategy.

• Blackstone uses EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor, a cloud-based platform that captures and normalizes energy and utility data at all levels of the company’s portfolio, from individual sites to regional cross sections.

• The technology is paired with an Energy & Sustainability Services consultant from Schneider Electric, dedicated for each site. These experts help interpret the data, and pinpoint and act on opportunities for efficiency improvements.

• Data from Resource Advisor allows Blackstone to negotiate contracts with utilities and other suppliers, getting the right source of energy at the lowest possible rates.

• The data is also used to develop sector-specific scorecards, which are automatically updated to drive program participation across critical KPIs.

The Results

• Active energy management programs and collaboration at over 20 portfolio companies and counting.

• Tens of millions in energy savings from sustainability efforts and strategic energy sourcing.

• Ongoing relationships and cost reduction with companies after they have been divested.

“Having data on past performance helps me make the case to the next business,” Anderson said.
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Optimizing resource efficiency and sustainability for bottom-line results at Blackstone

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