• Overview

    The TriLogger software suite provides exceptional ease, speed and reliability in recording, playing back and analyzing high-speed operating data from the Triconex controllers. The TriLogger suite includes:

    • TriLogger event — high-speed data collection and recording
    • TriLogger playback — offline analysis and plotting of data
    • TriLogger remote — remote viewing of real time data, and manual triggering of event recorders 

    TriLogger is ideal for applications with fast transients (example: compressor surge). The software replays up to 12 trend sets, each with up to 6 points in real time, locally (onsite) or remotely.

  • Features

    • High capacity (up to 4,000 points)
    • 7 minutes of high-resolution operating data per set
    • Real-time viewing and trending with a manual trigger
    • Configurable event triggers and times
    • Forward and reverse playback
    • Click-and-drag zooming
    • Export of data to MS Excel
    • Up to three concurrent remote connections
  • Benefits

    • Quick and accurate resolution of operational issues
    • A superior alternative to DCS historians when fast data-logging is required
  • Applications

    • Refining and petrochemicals
    • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
    • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
    • Power generation
    • Pharmaceuticals
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