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Improve energy availability

Reduce outage time by detecting faults early and automatically reconfiguring the network afterwards. Integrate intermittent and distributed generation smoothly to maintain energy quality and stability.

Optimise network performance

Get your grid ready for growing energy demand. With advanced analytics, you can optimise asset management, manage load shedding and peak shaving, and reduce technical and non-technical losses.
Why choose our smart RMU
  • Enjoy the advantages of grid connectivity without worrying about the security of your data. The smart RMU is compliant with IEC 62351, IEEE 1686 role-based access control (RBAC) and Achilles Practices.
  • Benefit from reduced maintenance costs with smart sensors for substation monitoring.
  • Improve energy availability with a cost- and time-effective solution (SAIDI).

The new world of energy

Discover how digitisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation are transforming the energy world.

Condition monitoring of ring main units (RMU)

Find out how an effective asset management and capital improvement program aims to pinpoint the exact location of the distribution network needing maintenance and repair, without the guesswork.
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What is the function of a Ring Main Unit (RMU)?
A ring main unit consists of three switches, two inputs with the electrical interlock and one going out to the load. It is used in an electrical distribution system for an uninterrupted power supply. Furthermore, it offers effective protection to the side transformer from transient currents.
Schneider Electric UK’s smart ring main unit (RMU), with its innovative conditional monitoring sensors, offers an effective solution for you to stay in tune with the evolving confrontations in electrical distribution. The smart RMU is seamless to purchase, install, and maintain. The design offers unparalleled outdoor durability.
Why is Ring Main Unit (RMU) required?
A ring main unit is essential to monitor faults and automatically reconfigure the network post-detection. It maintains the stability and quality of the energy to improve the overall energy availability. Moreover, RMU optimises the network performance to allow your grid to stay in sync with the increasing energy demands. Advanced analytics enable an RMU to optimise asset management, minimise technical and non-technical losses, and manage peak shaving and load shedding.
At Schneider Electric UK, our smart ring main unit assures the protection of your data and is compliant with IEC 62351, IEEE 1686 role-based access control (RBAC) and Achilles Practises.