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Power Generation Solutions

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Wind Power

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Hydro Power

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Solar Power

Address Your Challenges

Maximised energy Output

As a DER plant operator you need to secure the highest-possible outputs throughout the lifecycle of your plant. With the variable nature of distributed energy resources, how can you optimally leverage your installed capacity?

Improved safety and security

Keeping both people and your operations safe is imperative, and additionally reinforced by regulatory requirements. Which solutions can you implement to provide a better level of protection?

Optimised capex and opex

How do set up your operations to find the right balance between investments and operational expenditures needed to guarantee the changing energy demand is met, and final energy costs?

Maximised plant availability and reliability

While new technologies systematically improve the availability of power generation, preventive maintenance remains key. How can I important improvements in design and technology help avoid or limit shutdown?

Reliable and efficient electric generation

How do you maintain or improve the reliability of generation from renewable sources, which, depend on availability of the energy source?

EcoStruxure for Power and Grid — Power Generation and Smart Grid Solutions


EcoStruxure™ Success Stories

Ontario Power Generation

Schneider Electric helps Ontario Power Generation Nanticoke in Canada complete a controls integration and performance improvement project to help meet the energy demands of its customers.
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R.K.M. Powergen

A biomass power plant generates clean power in an area that previously had limited and unreliable electricity.
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How to Provide Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Germany

This paper explains the legal requirements for cybersecurity that operators of critical infrastructures in Germany need to comply with. It describes the cyclic process of an information security management system and compares it against corresponding services offered by suppliers. An integrated strategy for cybersecurity is required, individual solutions at certain points are not sufficient.
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What are Power Generation Solutions?

These are the solutions that are aimed at addressing the challenges of power generation for electricity companies across the globe. Ever since the expansion of decentralised generation, the load on electricity companies has drastically increased. Generation solutions enable organisations to accommodate and tackle the increasing popularity of decentralised power generation.

Schneider Electric UK offers wind, solar, and hydro power generation solutions that help electricity companies acquire the highest possible outputs throughout the plant's lifecycle. It enhances safety and helps strike the perfect balance between operational expenditures and investments.

Why is Power Generation required?

Power generation is the procedure of producing electric power from primary energy sources. Electricity generation with the help of renewable sources enables electricity companies to reduce their carbon footprint and support the transformation to a sustainable future. Power generation with renewable sources helps control the emission of greenhouse gasses and curb air pollution. Some of the most significant power technologies available today are solar, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas, and geothermal.

At Schneider Electric UK, our proficient sales specialists can educate you about the latest developments in power generation and ensure that your company adopts the best solution that maximises output.

Why choose Power Generation Solutions from Schneider Electric?

Schneider Electric UK’s wind, hydro, and solar power generation solutions help address all your challenges. The solutions aim to accelerate output and allow plant operators to use the installed capacity to its best potential. Furthermore, the solutions ensure that you are able to implement them while keeping both your operations and workforce safe. The technologically superior solutions improve the potential of power generation and assure preventive maintenance.

The power generation solutions at Schneider Electric UK are exclusively designed to enhance the reliability of power generation from renewable sources.