Download Firmware Upgrade Utility (DLF3000)
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Download Firmware Upgrade Utility (DLF3000)

The Download Firmware Upgrade Utility (DLF3000) is a tool used to install the latest firmware version for your POWERLOGIC or POWERLINK device. After downloading DLF-3000 v3_3 v2.exe, do the following to install DLF3000: 1.Uninstall earlier versions of DLF. 1a.On your Windows taskbar, click Start > Settings > Control Panel. 1b.Click the Add/Remove Programs icon. Select the DLF program and remove it. 2.Navigate to the folder DLF-3000 v3_3 v2.exe is located, then double-click the file and follow the setup wizard. 3.When the installation is complete, reboot your PC.

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DLF-3000 v3_3 v2 (.zip)

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