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Control Panel Builder Rewards Program 

What is it?

The Control Panel Builder Rewards Program is designed to promote partnership, growth and loyalty between Schneider Electric, our distributors, and the panel builder.

What's the value?

Schneider Electric provides panel builders with a complete, competitive control panel solution with products that are continuously improved for panel space savings, design, and installation time accepted by the market.

Who can participate?

The Control Panel Builder is defined as the group of manufacturers who add value by producing assemblies from purchased components into a complete enclosed or sub-plate control package. This package is then provided to a second party for incorporation within a machine or system. Eligible participants should meet this criteria.

Program Benefits Include:

  • First access to innovative products and invitations to key forums and events
  • Earn rewards points with rewards redemption
  • Earn account-level rebates
  • World class training and training coupons
  • Special software pricing

Sign up for the Panel Builder portal, complete your profile, then complete a quick survey to register for the rewards program.
Join the portal to get started!

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