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Connexium Industrial Firewalls

Automation System Security

Security for automation systems by restricting access to the network, allowing only authorized devices, types of communications and services

Connexium Industrial Firewalls
  • Features

    The Connexium™ TCSEFEC family of Industrial Ethernet Firewalls is a range of security devices intended to help protect industrial networks, automation systems, SCADA systems and process control facilities from external cyber threats. These Firewalls are designed to permit or deny communications by restricting network traffic based on user defined rules that would permit only authorized devices, communication types and services.


    • Modes of Operation
      • Router – Connection to layer three networks
      • Transparent – Layer two connections
      • PPPoE – Point to Point over Ethernet
    • Packet Filter – how the firewall handles data packets.
      • Incoming IP packets from device connected to external port
      • Outgoing IP packets from device connected to internal port
      • Incoming MAC packets
      • Outgoing MAC packets
      • Incoming PPP packets received at serial port
    • NAT (Network Address Translation)- in router mode that includes: 1:1, 1:N and double NAT
    • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • Redundancy capabilities for high availability
    • Firewall Learning Mode (FLM) set-up assistant
    • Multiple configuration files


    Oil & Gas
    Water Wastewater
    Food & Beverage

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