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Thalassa PLS

Insulating modular boxes

Industrial boxes, polyester, and accessories. *NEW color evolution RAL7032 -> RAL7035

Thalassa PLS
  • Features

    Industrial boxes polyester & accessories
    • Body made of fiberglass reinforced polyester, molded by hot compression, RAL 7035 color, 135mm height.
    • Three types of lids:
      • Transparent polycarbonate, 45mm or 95mm height
      • Opaque polycarbonate RAL7032, 45mm or 95mm height
      • Polyester RAL7035, 45mm height.
    • 14 dimensions from 180x270x180mm up to 540x720x230mm
    • Modular dimensions of sides: 180, 270, 360, 540 and 720mm.
    • Height and wide are indifferent.
    • Locking by 4, 6 or 8 screws, according to dimensions
    • Mounting bosses already molded with inserts M6
    • Modular distribution version (supplied with chassis)
    • Total insulation for realization of Class II equipment
    • Degree of protection IP65
    • Impact resistance: IK09
    • Self-extinguishability: 960ºC test withstanding.
    • Certification of complying with IEC62208 enclosure standard
    • UL/CUL certification


    Insulating modular dimensions boxes

    • Adjustable (horizontal and vertical coupling) to form sets for different functions.
    • No electrical contact risks.
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Resistant to harsh atmospheres.
    • Can be used in a large temperature range.
    • Easy to machine and the machining does not produce corrosion.
    • Halogen free.
    • Long life lasting without maintenance.
    • Assuring a good protection of equipment (IP65).
    • Transparent cover version for checking or reading, and opaque cover version.
    • Locking system is out the protected volume
    • Different types of chassis in metal or insulating material.
    • Standard version for modular distribution.
    • Customizing service: color, machining, hinge and accessories installation.
    • Supplied of bodies and lids separately.
    • Supplied in lots.


    • Energy distribution and Control in Energy Infrastructures and Industry markets. Installed indoor or outdoor, ideal in harsh conditions and environments, and to avoid electrical risks.
    • Automatism, measurement, distribution and protection sets, separating the functions, inside a building or enclosure or embedded volume with door.
    • Low voltage metering and protection.


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