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Zelio Control

Monitoring and Control Relays RM17 - RM22 - RM35 - REG

Zelio Control relays monitor and detect abnormal operating conditions concerning phase,current,voltage,frequency,speed,or temperature. The relays inform users of abnormal conditions, and allow them to initiate the necessary corrective actions before serious and costly breakdown can occur.

Zelio Control
  • Features

    Zelio measurement and control relays can monitor power supplies (phases, voltage, current, frequency) to protect motors and other equipment or control physical values such as level, speed and temperature.



    • Phase control relay
      Detects all possible faults occurring in the phases

    • Voltage & current control relays
      Ensure your equipment is powered with proper values

    • Frequency control relay
      Monitors frequency variation from your power generation set

    • Level control relay
      Filling or emptying, adapts to all kinds of materials

    • Pump control relay
      Controls and protects your pump from dry running or overloading

    • Speed control relay
      Picks up the improper rhythm of your process

    • Temperature control relay for lift application
      Dedicated to lift temperature monitoring (EN81)

    •  Temperature control relays
      Dedicated to temperature regulation (heating, cooling or heating/cooling of processes)


    • Compact modular sizes: 17.5mm/0.69 in., 22.5 mm/0.88 in., 35 mm/1.38in.
    • Adapted for industrial and building control panels
    • True RMS measurement that minimizes the possibility of unexpected trips from highly polluted networks
    • Diagnostic button to check the downstream circuit immediately and reduce commissioning and troubleshooting time (1)
    • IP50 lead-sealable settings protection cover helps prevent dust and unintended human intervention
    • Status indication by LEDs, additional dial pointer LED for easy setup in dark conditions (1), and power "On" status indication when relay is ready to perform
    • Optimization of power supplies >Worldwide certifications

    (1) Available in RM35JA32MR,RM35JA32MT, and all RM22 references


    • Hoisting: construction cranes, harbor cranes
    • Packaging: motor voltage, current overload
    • Lifts: construction lifts, passenger lifts, escalators
    • Textile: motor voltage, current overload
    • Water: liquid level on water tank at water and waste water recycling plant
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