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PowerLink G3 Remotely Operated Circuit Breakers

Lighting Control

The circuit breaker contains both a remotely operated switched circuit for controlling the luminaires, and a manually operated unswitched circuit

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PowerLink G3 Remotely Operated Circuit Breakers
  • Features

    Identifying the proper controls for a lighting system can be a daunting task. Cost, space considerations, energy codes, desired operation, and NEC code compliance must all be considered when specifying a system. Often, controls for emergency lighting systems are also required which further compounds the complexity of the control system.

    Powerlink ECB-G3EL circuit breakers relieve much of the burden associated with designing such control systems. These UL listed circuit breakers provide a means to comply with the requirements of the National Electrical Code, 700.12(E). The circuit breaker contains both a remotely operated switched circuit for controlling the luminaires, and a manually operated unswitched circuit, which provides power to the unit emergency equipment’s charging and detection circuit. Both circuits are electrically tied to the same source via a single common bolt-on connection that receives its supply from the panelboard bus.

    Both circuits of the ECB-G3EL breaker contain a thermal-magnetic trip mechanism that protects their associated conductors from overcurrent. The circuit breaker also provides a common trip function ensuring both circuits will open whenever a fault occurs on either circuit and a common handle tie to ensure that both circuits are manually switched together.

    • With a 20A handle ratings,  these circuit breakers incorporate the same robust features as other Powerlink ECB-G3 breakers including:
    • Suitable for use on 208Y/120V or 480Y/277V systems
    • Interrupting Ratings: 65kA at 240Vac, 14kA at 480Y/277Vac
    • Maximum Series Connected Ratings: 200KA at 240Vac and 100kA at 480Y/277V
    • Rated Endurance On/Off/On cycles: 200,000 operations
    • Breaker status viewing window for both circuits
    • Auto/manual override selector for the remotely operated circuit
    • UL listed Switch Duty Rated (SWD) and High Intensity Discharge (HID) ratings
    • Lug wire size: (1) #12-8Al, #14-8Cu per circuit, 75°C conductors
    • No breaker pigtails or other externally mounted hardware


    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Market
    • Commercial Office Buildings

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