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Acti 9 iEM3000 Series

Single or 3-phase DIN rail-mounted energy meters

Part of PowerLogic

The Acti 9 iEM3000 series energy meter is a cost-attractive, feature-rich energy metering offer for DIN rail, modular enclosures.

Acti 9 iEM3000 Series
  • Features

    The offer ranges from basic kWh meters to more advanced energy meters able to measure a variety of electrical parameters. The meters provide energy consumption data via graphical display, pulse output and/or Modbus communication. There are there are ten different models to suit your specific needs.

    The meters are fully compliant with the Acti 9 communication system, so integrating electrical distribution into your facility management system has never been simpler.

    • Self powered
    • Chain measurement (meters + CTs) accuracy class 1
    • Standard compliance with EN50470-3, IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
    • Graphical display for easy viewing
    • Compact size with double fixation on the DIN rail
    • Anti-tamper security features ensure the integrity of you data
    • Internal clock saves the date and time of the last reset
    • Internal clock saves date and time for 48h in case of power outage
    • Multi-tariff selection by digital inputs or the internal clock
    • Digital output for alarming or configured as pulse output
    • WAGES monitoring



    • Optimize energy consumption and enable energy efficiency practices
    • Collect and analyze energy consumption data from each area for each type of load or circuit
    • Gain an accurate understanding of business expenses by allocating the energy-related costs
    • Use information to implement actions designed to reduce energy consumption
    • Monitor the energy consumption of your tenants or customers and establish accurate invoices
    • Drive energy-efficient behavior


    Cost management applications
    • Bill checking to verify that you are only charged for the energy you use
    • Sub billing individual tenants for their energy consumption, including WAGES
    • Aggregation of energy consumption, including WAGES, and allocating costs per area, per usage, per shift, or per time within the same facility
    Network management applications
    • Basic metering of electrical parameters to better understand the behavior of your electrical distribution system
    Market segments
    • Buildings
    • Industry
    • Data centers & networks
    • Infrastructure (airports, road tunnels, telecom)


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