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Network Adapter

Integrated analysis solution

Supports fast analysis, engineering decisions, IT efficiency

Network Adapter
  • Features

    Network Adapter is an interface between the ArcFM™ Solution and third-party modeling and planning applications or analysis engines. Network Adapter provides tools for extracting a model from the GIS and loading the data to an analysis engine via XML. Network Adapter also extracts results from the analysis engine and displays them in any ArcFM Solution application, including ArcFM Enterprise GIS, ArcFM Designer, and Responder. Thus, as feeders are modified, planners can quickly analyze the feeder with the analysis software and display the results in a GIS environment. Network Adapter eliminates the need to maintain data in two separate systems. The corporate GIS database becomes the system-of-record for all network information.


    Schneider Electric’s Network Adapter offers key benefits:

    • Improves efficiency of engineering and operations through integration of key systems
    • Provides analysis data quickly to support more effective engineering decisions and improve overall system efficiency
    • Decreases system administration costs through the use of a single central database for network maintenance and analysis
    • Leverages investment in the GIS database by adding functionality for system planning purposes


    • Perform calculations within the GIS environment and display results graphically on the GIS map
    • Save previous calculations for future reference
    • Create what-if scenarios by running the analysis in a version designated for study purposes
    • Integrate GIS and third-party calculation engine for a convenient, easy-to-manage solution.

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