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TeSys U Self-Protected Combination Motor Controllers

Up to 32 amps or 20 horsepower

TeSys™ U Self-Protected Combination Motor Controllers deliver outstanding performance and efficiency inside small footprint enclosures.

TeSys U Self-Protected Combination Motor Controllers
  • Features

    TeSys™ U Self-Protected Combination Motor Controllers are rated per IEC Standards up to 32 amps or 20 horsepower.

    Modern IEC Motor Control Technology

    • Designed for full voltage non-reversing, full voltage reversing or soft start motor control applications
    • Compact enclosures in Type 1, 12/3R painted steel and 4/4X stainless steel
    • 5 times more energy-efficient than legacy starters
    • Optional communication modules for eight different network protocols and a gateway to Ethernet TCP/IP

    Increased Uptime

    • Interchangeable Advanced Control Units with motor protection functions including wide 4:1 current adjustment dials
    • Field adaptability for last-minute motor full-load ampere (FLA) changes
    • Totally coordinated motor starter is ready to restart immediately after a fault is cleared
    • Short circuit current rating is 65 kA on 480Y/277V systems according to UL508 Type E with an option of 130kA at 480V Delta
    • Optional Multifunction Control Units offer predictive maintenance features

    Fast Delivery

    • Five-day delivery on hundreds of versions including networking modules, control transformers, pilot lights, and auxiliary devices.
    • Boosts facility or manufacturing productivity



    Distributed Motor Control
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