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Low Voltage Dispenser Disconnect

Approved means to disconnect low voltages leading to or through fuel dispensing equipment

Stay code-compliant with a safe, reliable solution. Compliant with Articles 514.11 and 514.13 of the 2011 National Electric Code.

Low Voltage Dispenser Disconnect schneider.label Approved means to disconnect low voltages leading to or through fuel dispensing equipment
  • Features

    The Low Voltage Dispenser Disconnect (LVDD) provides a means to disconnect low voltage electrical circuits, such as audio, video, data and communication circuits leading to or through dispensing equipment , to meet the requirements found in Article 514 of the 2011 Edition of the National Electric Code.
    Article 514 in the National Electric Code (NEC) provides requirements for the safe installation of wiring and equipment for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities. The provisions for emergency action controls in NEC 514.11 provide the necessary means to safely remove power to the facility during an emergency event. The service or maintenance requirements in NEC 514.13 allow for safe maintenance of individual dispensing units. The removal of all potential electrical ignition sources includes all conductors for any circuits leading to or through dispensing equipment, including grounded conductors including audio, video, data, and communication circuits. Features
    • Complies with 2011 National Electrical Code Articles 514.11 & 514.13
    • UL Listed Design – UL 1238 Control Equipment for Use with Flammable Liquid Dispensing Devices
    • Individual Dispenser Disconnect means for:
      • Dispenser Data
      • CRIND Data
      • Intercom & Speaker
      • Loyalty Card Systems
      • Video Signal/Cat 5/Cat 6
    • Single point of disconnect capability for Power and Low Voltage circuits when installed with DMEX Dispenser Manager Solutions.
    • Suitable for both New and Retrofit Const