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Type SSE

Surgelogic's Type SSE offers signal pair surge suppression for loads up to 0.15 A, implementing multi-stage hybrid technology.

Type SSE is a Surge Protective Device for Circuit Protection (SPD/CP) encapsulated in a stainless steel enclosure, making it suitable for use in severe environments.

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Type SSE
  • Features

    • Operating Current: 0.15 A
    • Operating Voltage: 28 VDC
    • Clamping Voltage: 36 VDC
    • Maximum Surge Current: 10 kA
    • Connection: 18AWG Wire Leads
    • Mounting: 1/2” Pipe
    • Transient protection for low-voltage signal lines
    • Differential and common mode protection
    • Encapsulated in a stainless steel pipe nipple


    • Multi-stage hybrid suppressors that address overvoltage transients with gas tube and silicon avalanche technology
    • The units are encapsulated in stainless steel pipe nipples making them suitable for use in severe environments
    • Protect network signal lines entering or leaving control/critical panels


    Designed for the water and wastewater industry
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