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Double Throw Safety Switches

Designed to be tough, reliable and provide exceptional performance in the most grueling conditions.

Provide optional standby power connections in accordance with Article 702 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 and the CEC. They also have the capability of switching two loads between one power sources. Plays 3 crucial roles in today’s commercial and industrial settings: 1) isolate power in daily activities 2) provide an effective way to interrupt power in an emergency and 3) provide lockout in sight disconnect.

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Double Throw Safety Switches
  • Features

    Double Throw Safety Switch:

    30–100 A Types DT, DTU (Series F) and 400-600 A Type DTU (Series A)

    • UL Listed
    • 30-100A and 200A, 400A, 600A 240Vac/250Vdc or 600Vac/600Vdc
    • Fusible (DT) and non-fusible (DTU) switches 30 -100 A
    • Non-fusible (DTU) switches 200-600 A
    • NEMA Type 1, 3R, and 12 Enclosures
    • NEMA Type 4/4X/5 enclosures
    • Stainless Steel Type 304
    • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment
    • Two, Three, Four and Six Pole configurations
    • Up to 200kAIR short current circuit ratings, utilizing appropriately rated Class R, J, or T fuses
    • Horsepower rated for motor applications -- 350hp maximum
    • Quick-make, quick-break operating mechanism
    • Visible blade switches for positive "OFF" indication
    • Optional viewing window allows visual verification of blade position without opening door
    • Red and black handle indicates the ON (red) or OFF (black) condition of the switch (30-100A)
    • Dual cover interlock prevents the cover from being opened when the switch is ON and prevents the switch from being turned ON when the cover is open
    • Handle lock-off provision for multiple padlocks -- "OFF" position
    • Cover can be padlock closed
    • Seismically Qualified to the:
    • 2010 ASCE 7
    • 2012 International Building Code (IBC)
    • 2013 California Building Code (CBC)
    • State of California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and  Development (OSHPD) requirements for seismic certification


    Reliable performance

    Long term durability

    • Mechanical endurance of F series is guaranteed to exceed three times the NEMA requirements
    • Enclosed operating mechanism design reduces the amount of dust and other contaminants that shorten the mechanism’s operating life.
    • Galvanized Steel with E-Coat on NEMA 1, 3R and 12 Enclosures
    • Meets or exceeds NEMA KS1

    Efficient Installation

    Operation Safety Features

    • Two tone color handle clearly shows switch's status (30 - 100A Series F)
    • Red ""ON""
    • Black ""OFF""
    • Dual Cover Interlock (30 -100A Series F and 600A Series A)

    Switches are stocked and ready for delivery from our warehouses


    Back up power connections

    Circuit disconnect

    • Service entrance equipment
    • Point of load

    Circuit protection (fusible switches only)

    • Overload or thermal protection
    • Short circuit or high fault protection

    Environmental protection

    Personnel protection

    • From live parts
    • Arcing during switching
    • During maintenance of loads

    Customer Locations Switch Is Typically Applied:

    • Mining and Mineral
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Manufacturing
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Water Wastewater
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Educational Campuses

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