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Industrial Control Transformers (Machine Tool)

Industry standard for design innovation and performance

Control power transformers are designed with low impedance windings for voltage regulation, and can accommodate the high inrush current associated with contactors, starters, solenoids, and relays.

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Industrial Control Transformers (Machine Tool)
  • Features

    The Type T units are designed for the global market and are the best choice when size and cost are of concern. This is our most popular and complete offering of industrial control transformers. The following features are included:

    • 50/60 Hz rated
    • Customer installed accessories (Finger-Safe covers, fuse blocks, fuse clips)
    • Type T transformers are designed with various temperature classes:
      • 25–150 VA with a 55° C temperature rise, 105° C insulation
      • 200–350 VA with a 80° C temperature rise, 130° C insulation
      • 500–5000 VA with a 115° C temperature rise, 180° C insulation

    Schneider Electric manufactures a wide variety of voltage combinations for control transformers. The voltage combinations are expressed as “Voltage Codes”, and are embedded within the catalog number of the transformer. Square D stocks at their two distribution Centers the most popular voltages to obtain 120V or 24V, covering the standard control circuit requirements.

    • D1: 240 X 480 to 120
    • D2: 240 x 480 to 24
    • D3: 208 to 120
    • D14: 208 to 24
    • D4: 277 to 120
    • D25: 277 to 24
    • D5: 600 to 120
    • D16: 600 to 24
    • D33: 380/400/415 to 115/230
    (if not available from warehouse - industry leading 5-10 day shipment after order)

    Type TF
    Factory installed fuse blocks are pre-wired and mounted on top of the transformer, the Type TF and EOF transformers have the same footprint as the Type T and Type EO units, respectively. This design frees up space normally used for separate fuse blocks.

    Type T and TF
    UL E61239, Guide XPTQ2; cUL E61239; CSA LR37055, Guide 184-N-90

    Type EO
    UL E61239, CSA LR37055 Guide 184-N-90

    50/60 Hertz
    Transformers that are dual rated for 50/60 Hz are truly global units and no derating is required for voltages or VA. (Type T are 50/60 Hz; Type EO are 60 Hz with de-rating for 50 Hz).

    Base Plates
    (Difference in VA ratings between standards - IEC and UL)
    The development of welded cores has allowed the incorporation of base plates on larger VA transformers. Base plates are usually welded to the core of the transformer for a solid connection to the transformer. They allow manufacturers to offer more standardized mounting for specific VA sizes by allowing multiple core stacks. Available for Type T transformers only.

    Touch-Safe Terminals
    Being able to offer touch-safe terminals is increasing in importance. Currently all equipment that must comply with EN 60-204 (Machine and Low Voltage Directives) must have some type of barrier for live parts. Besides the CE standard listed above, domestic customers are requiring barriers on live parts with voltages above 460 V. These customers allow Plexiglas™ covers to be installed for these barriers. Type T transformers can be made Fingersafe® by using snap-on covers that are removable with a screwdriver or other flat tool. Covers are sold separately.

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