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Fractional Horsepower Starters

Designed for overload protection as well as manual “On-Off” control for small motors.

Type F fractional horsepower starters provide overload protection as well as manual “On-Off” control for small motors in a variety of industrial and commercial installations.

Fractional Horsepower Starters
  • Features

    Available in one or two pole versions.

    Both one-pole and two-pole versions are suitable for use with AC single phase motors rated up to 1 horsepower. Two-pole starters may also be used with DC.

    Motors rated up to 1hp (V4C) or 0.75hp (VDC).

    Voltage Rating:

    • 277 VAC maximum (1 or 2 pole)
    • 230 VDC maximum (2 pole only)Continuous Current Rating- 16 A

    Available in

    • NEMA Type 1 enclosures (oversized and flush mount enclosure option available)
    • NEMA Type 4 enclosures (with zinc alloy die casting)
    • NEMA Type 3R, 7 & 9 (cast aluminum enclosure)

    Red or green neon pilot light units are available and factory installed in NEMA Type 1 surface and flush mounting as well as NEMA Type 4 enclosures. They are also available as a field modification kit for NEMA Type 1 enclosures and gray flush plates.

    Other accessories like handle guard/lock-off, terminals, and etc are available. Starters will not operate without properly installed thermal units. Install thermal units so that the markings face the front of the starter.


    • Small Size
    • Economical
    • Simple Design
    • Easy to Install
    • Long Lasting Reliability


    Typical applications include fans, conveyors, pumps and small machine tools.


    • Fractional Horsepower Manual Starter
    • Manual Starter

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